Site Maintenance

Your website is a living document that should grow and evolve as your brand does. It also needs regular check-ups and maintenance (have you noticed the alerts in WordPress to update things?). So whether its a design tweak (maybe you need to add a store or calendar to make it easier for your users to connect with you) or ensuring your website is secure and backed up, it is all important for keeping your site useful and fresh for your visitors.

We have a solution for maintaining your website as well as delivering those tweaks and changes that are inevitable as you grow and expand your brand. We are offering blocks of hours that can be used however you like at a cost lower than our hourly rate of $75.

5 Hours
Theme and plugin updates
Design/content tweaks
Additional training
10 Hours
Additional site pages
Additional features
Big design changes
15 Hours
Content and Newsletter Design on a Monthly basis
Big design changes
Multiple pages of content added